Banchetti e catering

Nero Pece Naturalmente loves to be there on your special occasions.
Is your company organizing a special day? Are you celebrating a special family occasion? Nero Pece Naturalmente offers a bespoke service providing you with a professional support for your events. Our efficient and reliable team is available for you to organize a faultless catering experience.
We do plan business lunches (standing or seated), in remarkable villas or directly at your branch. We take the complete restaurant service experience to your place, so that you can enjoy your time with your loved-ones without worrying about the kitchen.
Our catering tailored for business events gives you the freedom to customize your choices, selecting the most refined menu and the most elegant locations. In the morning we cater for your coffee break with our pastry selection, moving then into your lunch with class and courtesy, offering prime quality dishes cooked by our chefs.
Your business event will be flawless, just like you have ever dreamed of it.
Do you smell the scent? Do you see the vibrant colours of tasty flavours? Lovely to have you here: you have just stepped into Nero Pece Naturalmente kitchen.

The making of the flavours
Once selected the ingredients, we follow into the making of the dishes. At Nero Pece Naturalmente, our team is professional, precise and passionate when cooking.
Each menu, including both the most innovative recipes and the most traditional ones, is prepared to exceed your expectations, satisfying even the most demanding requests and the most refined tastes.

Flavours selection
Hidden behind each dish there is the eye, the intuition and the soul of the kitchen. The process start with the selection of the ingredients, whose colours and scent can’t be left to chances.
Nero Pece Naturalmente kitchen has all the tools for an exceptional food handling, both on a culinary point of view, as well as in regards to health and safety.

Taste introduction
You always staring eating with your eyes! Dishes appearance is crucial, and here at Nero Pece Naturalemente, when catering we know it. We love to take care of all presentations details, creating spectacular colours and shapes effects, with perfectly balanced and tasty flavours.